All photography provided by Mac Lee and John Masters

For the story. For the students.


Our Mission

We work with local community members and students around Durham, NC, to tell the stories that have been lost to history. We believe that hands on learning is critical to student development, and that community involvement is critical to building a successful theater program. 

Our goals are:

1) To develop students' theater skills, including performance and technical skills

2) To produce stage plays and video performances of hidden histories

3) To involve the community through fundraising and live performances 

What We've Performed

  • Sherlock Holmes and the Hands of Othello

    • Summer 2017

    • Fall 2017

  • A Need Fulfilled

    • Living Room Performance
      Summer 2018

    • Living Room Performance
      Fall 2018 (upcoming, see News)

    • Winter 2019

    • Fall 2019 (tickets still available, Buy Here)