Our latest show, A Need Fulfilled, tells the story of the brave black nurses of World War II.

Fighting to serve

The story of the 600 brave black women who fought for the right to serve their country as nurses in World War II comes alive on the North Carolina Central University stage in February 2019.  A Need Fulfilled, a new musical drama from the pages of history, tells the story of the black nurses of WWII and, alongside it, the story of many black soldiers from throughout American history. Working with letters, pictures, and stories from the women who served, acclaimed playwright and NCCU Theatre Professor Arthur M. Reese has put together a stage play that will set the record straight to a lively period-inspired soundtrack.

The story begins with the nurses crossing the Atlantic, landing in Africa, and facing the racism and adversity of their allies as well as the bombs and bullets of the enemy. The show then follows them into the jungles of Burma and the return to the homefront, where romance and danger fall hand in hand. Music direction by world-class performer and NCCU Professor Roberta Laws brings the stories to life with classic period hits and show-stopping original arrangements.

Professor Reese, asked about his experience in writing A Need Fulfilled, says, “I’ve been a theatre artist and playwright for over 35 years and I have never encountered a story that demanded to be told like this one. The black nurses who served in WWll have spoken loudly to me as I have crafted A Need Fulfilled. I pray my effort will help bring them the honor they deserve.”

Sean Callot, producer, remarked on the successful outreach activities, saying, “The community that has formed around this show is amazing. We have hundreds of people engaged from academia, churches, the professional community… This story resonates with so many people in such a divided time. The show truly feels like Dr. King's message of unity and love.”

A Need Fulfilled will run at the Farrison-Newton Communications Building at NCCU, Durham, NC. Performances are February 22-23 and March 1-2 at 8pm, February 24 and March 3 at 3pm, and February 27-28 at 10am. Group and school rates are available. For more information, visit our website, www.neverstopprod.com or contact Sean Callot, MAPC (sean.j.callot@gmail.com), producer and CEO of  Never Stop Productions. You can also call our box office at (919) 530-6242